Mining Through Complex Data To Help Industries

Monitor risks, harness opportunities, and respond to emergencies

“Our Artificial Mind Engine helps us to uncover Perishable Insights as they happen – to act upon trends, risks and opportunities (business/life situations), and harvest actionable insights at a moment’s notice.”
– Anet Potgieter, Founder of Cognitive Systems

We take a very different approach to the industry standard for Machine Learning – we aim to bridge the gap between what a machine sees and learns, and how humans interpret the world around them, by using Collective Intelligence to integrate these perspectives.

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How you benefit

  • Early warnings in real-time help key role players to take the right action at the right time
  • Continuous monitoring and integration of numerous streaming data sets
  • Management of high volume transactions
  • Automated actions on risks and opportunities to help reduce operational overload

What your business might be experiencing

  • Theft
  • Inefficient tracking and asset monitoring
  • False alarms/alerts
  • Difficulty in monitoring and identifying risks before they become threats
  • Leveraging information to gain intelligence on business operations, the market and competitors
  • Transforming data to actionable intelligence that can be shared and leveraged across the organisation in real-time
  • Identifying and exposing abstract relationships

We enable Collective Intelligence to reveal trends and patterns related to the behaviour of Humans and Things,
and the interactions amongst themselves and their environment.
We develop COGS, societies of software agents acting together to achieve Collective Intelligence, much like an ant colony searching for food.

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How we add value

  • We unite Humans and Things through Collective Intelligence
  • We make the Internet of Things human friendly
  • Using cognitive computing, we observe pattern recognition represented through geo-spatial cognitive maps
  • We provide predictive analytics in order to proactively mitigate
    risks as trends develop
  • We are able to reason about cause and effect patterns using collective intelligence, by offering real-time processing, continuous learning and analytics (irrespective of volume, velocity and veracity) while new Big Data is added
  • We offer a real-time reporting dashboard for single view of your IoT insights
  • We ensure effortless and inexpensive deployment

How our COGS add value

  • Making information actionable through operational rules, procedures, contracts and business knowledge
  • Intelligently automating business processes for analyzing, understanding, and deriving information from the text data in a smart and efficient manner
  • Extracting the cause-effect patterns between unstructured content (for example incident reports and video footage associated with incidents)
  • Detecting behavioural changes to assist in reducing theft
  • Alerting you to immediate deviation of assets, and providing essential information (image + text)
  • Decreasing false alarms by distinguishing between important and false triggers in real-time
  • Identifying and understanding patterns in Big Data to shorten the time between receiving data and reacting to essential information
  • Translating complex phenomena into information that can be easily understood
  • Augmenting knowledge management via deep learning to enhance insights and enable informed decisions