“You don’t understand anything until you learn it more than one way.”

– Marvin Minsky – The “Godfather of Artificial Intelligence”

Based on Marvin Minsky’s ‘Society of Mind’ theory, our Artificial Mind Engine is the brainchild of Cognitive Systems co-founder, Anet Potgieter, who started her Artificial Intelligence journey in 1987.

Our Journey

2014 - Artificial Mind Engine revealed

The architecture of our Artificial Mind Engine is designed for in-stream computing, which allowed us to deliver real-time analysis on constantly changing data in motion

2015 - Refined our Big Data Predictive Analysis tool

As a result, won an Augmented Reality Challenge in the Netherlands, and successfully built a compliance system for an established asset management company

2016 - Technology Innovation Agency (TIA) Validation

  • After two phases of validation, TIA’s support enabled us to further develop our technology, and grow the business
  • International validation via an independent institution

Trusted by established partners

  • Riskscape (Actuarial and geographical information solutions in the financial and utilities sectors)
  • Gallagher (security solutions)
  • Macado Technologies (video security solutions for crime prevention strategies)

2017 - Scaling with local and international partners

International partners have come on board and these partnerships are testament to our passion for building solutions and using the power of our Artificial Mind Engine to solve our partners’ problems